Repost-Two Links On The Conservation Of Liberty

This blog sometimes acts as a bit of a dumping ground, a curio-shelf of ideas on the conservation of liberty.

No postmodern, nihilist art lunacy is silly nor ideological enough, and no one painting themselves into ideological corners really ought to be safe, including me and you.

From Standpoint, our reviewer takes a look at ‘The Intellectual Life Of Edmund Burke: From The Sublime And Beautiful To American Independence‘, by David Bromwich.

‘Bromwich twice quotes Burke’s deceptively simple political creed, that “the principles of true politicks are those of morality enlarged, and I neither now do nor every will admit of any other.” This biography can be viewed as a careful unpacking of the varying implications of that stance, as Burke both adhered to it, and attained a deeper understanding of its meaning, over the course of his career in public life.’

Here’s a link to Michael Sandel at Harvard’s lecture courses on ‘Justice’.  I’ve made it through his presentation of Robert Nozick, Locke, and Kant so far.

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