Please Don’t Model This Kind Of Behavior

It’s almost as if some people are expressing ideas which further politicize our civic life, even as they decry the politicization of our civic life.

Trump fan or not, such expression can become so bathetic that it might well reach the satirical hinterlands, looking back over its shoulder to catch Zoolander-esque glimpses of normalcy.

Men’s Runways Are Threaded With Dissent

“An idea is a good thing,” Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus, said on Tuesday, as he bolted in his biker jacket and skinny jeans from one show to another. “But a theme can scare me running away.”

Despite everyone’s best efforts to shut out the world beyond New York Fashion Week: Men’s, a unifying theme emerged: the parlous state of current politics.

Let’s ignore the pretty clear value-judgment threaded throughout the piece (dissent of a certain kind is presumably good, the anti-Trump, anti-immigration ban kind ((whatever your thoughts on the rather poorly implemented 90-day immigration ban on people from eight countries)).

This blog believes it’s a meager moral diet indeed if you’re primarily seeking how to live and what to do from either fashion shows or politically activist ideologies, let alone this kind of scribbling (the scribbling found on this blog is much more high-minded).

I genuinely hope our subjects are able to resist the intrusion of such bathos, inanity, and ideological idiocy into their actual personal and professional lives.

Happy modeling, gentleman!

‘…making things well is more important than making them.’

-Antonio Machado (found here)

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