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The F.I.R.E is, perhaps, the new ACLU. As for the old ACLU these days? A free-speech mission, becoming a legal business, devolving into an anti-speech racket is something to behold.

You stand up for the neo-Nazis right to speak and assemble, because you may need those rights, too. Did you think you’d drive on by?

-Melanie Phillips writes on watering-down the Holocaust. Keeping these horrible truths in view requires dedication and a sense of mission, she argues, not necessarily another exculpatory shrine. Hmmm….

Freedom is next…

-Via Mick Hartley, about that London SOAS (School Of Oriental & African Studies). If it has ‘studies’ in it, you’ve been repeatedly warned.

Many people, volunteering as our betters in the U.S., have been busy institutionalizing a rather anti-establishment ethos. The problem is, many of these people are now the establishment. Many 60’s boomers (hanging in there, baby) are something like idealists. ‘This’ll all work out’ is something I’ve come to doubt much more through age, experience and time, though I doubt I was ever fully not doubting.

Some of this, of course, is just age, experience and time. The rest comes from observing the clusterf**k of our politics, media and public-square discourse these days.

Times come and go: I remember visiting my father’s small, Connecticut hometown. Many factories (spooled-thread, fabric, cutting tools) had become derelict. ‘What did they used to make there?’ we’d ask, driving along, visiting his old haunts. The shallower valleys, stony soil and New England village greens were foreign to me. We’d pass by busted, boarded-up windows and out-of-use smokestacks. ‘Did they actually make these things by hand?’

Most of that industry never came back.

Now imagine losing larger: The rise and fall of automobile manufacturing in Detroit, and all the supply chains throughout Ohio; whole towns dwindling down. Much of that industry isn’t coming back.

Wherever you are, you should keep building yourself up, your loved ones, and all within your orbit.

Perhaps if you imagine Seattle in about 100 years or so, with a few boarded up Amazon buildings and some locals huddled in an abandoned ‘hot yoga’ studio, it will become true.

Such is the price of innovation, it seems, and all sorts of people are offering remedies (politicians want your vote, companies your skills and potential, Christians generally want your soul, and Leftists want you to join ‘The People’s Revolutionary Movement. Ignore the Bodies’.

Ah, well. Some people offer you ideas, and books, and want parts of your time and mind.

Choose wisely.

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