From The Nation Via The A & L Daily: ‘God, Science, And Philanthropy’

Full piece here.

Isn’t this always the dilemma when you accept money from someone else?:

“Though some critics refuse to go near anything associated with Templeton, others are forced by its ubiquity to make compromises. Sean Carroll, for one, will work only on scientific projects funded by Templeton (such as the FQXi) that aren’t solely under the foundation’s banner. “It represents a serious ethical dilemma,” says A.C. Grayling, a British philosopher and former columnist for New Scientist magazine; he accuses the foundation of “borrowing respectability from science for religion.”

Templeton site here.   Does it frame the questions in the right way?  And the final paragraph:

“John Templeton did want to hijack the meaning of life; he meant to remake the human race’s moral and cosmic toolbox in some scientific revolution of the spirit. His money has given new life to ancient questions that matter to all of us. But there is also an inescapable curiosity—or for some, like Margaret Poloma, good luck—in the idea that how we think about the most lofty things has become so much at the mercy of an eccentric investor’s later-life dreams.”

Duly noted.  Of course, funding for The Nation comes from somewhere as well…

Also On This Site:  From Nextbook: Philosopher Of Science Hilary Putnam On The Jewish Faith

—Martha Nussbaum suggests re-examining the religious roots of the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams (Williams College)…perhaps to prevent excessive and ideological secularism?:  Martha Nussbaum Channels Roger Williams In The New Republic: The First Founder.

—Daniel Dennet (Christianty paved the way for much of science, it’s time to keep moving on) debates Dinesh D’Souza (who ironically brings up both Nietzsche and Kant to support his religious arguments…to his detriment?): Dinesh D’Souza And Daniel Dennett at Tufts University: Nietzsche’s Prophesy.

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From The American Interest Online Via The A & L Daily: ‘The Return Of The Raj’

Full piece here.

A suggestion from our author:

‘Rather than frame the relationship with India using such ambitious but unrealizable multilateral goals, or drag Delhi further than it wishes to go into the Af-Pak mess, the Obama Administration needs to elevate the bilateral military engagement with India to a strategic level.’

Much of the will seems to be there…

See the previous post.

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Mark Lilla At The Chronicle Of Higher Ed Via A & L Daily: ‘Taking The Right Seriously’

Full piece here.

The University of California at Berkeley has just opened a Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements.  

It’s Berkeley, so what did you expect?

Lilla, as a professor of the humanities, hopes it will actually open a discussion, and perhaps, someday, be a place for serious intellectual inquiry (strengthening the debate away from the likes of David Horowitz):

So, in the end, I give my ex-conservative blessing to the Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements and wish it a long life. If nothing else, it will get professors and students to discuss ideas and read books that until now have been relegated to the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.”

Via the A & L Daily as well, there are a few responses, and Lilla responds back.

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