Human Flourishing Over Anti-Human Outcomes-There’s A Lot Of Impractical Thinking Out There

Via a reader:

I’d like to remind folks that Peace Pavilion West, an Eco-Romantic Human Collective Going Back To Nature and Forward Towards Progress, is still accepting applications.

-Would you like to live in your OWN ecopodment as part of a living, working Community?

-Does 1,200 calories of guaranteed bug-paste and 8 glasses of fresh spring water a day sound good to you?

-Close your eyes:  The day’s field labor is done.  Honest sweat and natural musk mix with memory.  Your mind, body and soul begin to rise towards the Cosmos, as each Community member joins hands, chanting Earthsong at dusk:

At Peace Pavilion West, Christians are invited to join us in our large, canvas bag. Ablute yourselves with the waters of Gaia.

— Chris Navin (@chris_navin) March 24, 2020

At Peace Plaza East, Skype yoga connects bodies in time & space. Postmodern emotional Selves fuse with technological achievement. Poetry & Science, East & West, Individual & Collective…all unite within One Grand Historical Narrative Of Liberation.

Hail Utopia!

— Chris Navin (@chris_navin) March 26, 2020

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Urbanists love to hate Joel Kotkin, as he has offered them much in the way of criticism. At the New Urbanist website, I found the following quote:

Only when humans are again permitted to build authentic urbanism — those cities, towns, and villages that nurture us by their comforts and delights — will we cease the despoiling of Nature by escaping to sprawl.”

Bjorn Lomborg is skeptical of ‘Earth Hour’ in Blinded By The Light. Go towards the light.

Walter Russell Mead At The American Interest: ‘The Failure of Al Gore Part Three: Singing the Climate Blues’

Amy Payne At The Foundry: ‘Morning Bell: Obama Administration Buries Good News on Keystone Pipeline’

Ronald Bailey At Reason: ‘Delusional in Durban’A Few Links On Environmentalism And LibertyFrom The WSJ-A Heated Exchange: Al Gore Confronts His Critics…From The Literary Review–Weather Channel Gree

Walter Russell Mead At The American Interest: ‘The Failure of Al Gore Part Three: Singing the Climate Blues’

Full post here.

An interesting analysis of American politics:

“The most common thing that people who do not like Al Gore’s politics say about him is that they find his speaking method “condescending”.  He often comes across like a middle school teacher trying to make a complicated point clear to his class.  He likes his students; he wishes them well — but he is the adult in the room, the honest referee at the wrestling match, and the kids need to do what they’re told.

Gore’s social ethic was not a bad one in his youth.  In a region divided into a handful of relatively prosperous and well educated whites, a larger number of poor and unschooled white farmers and laborers often dependent on rich whites, and a large mass of (mostly) even poorer, more dependent and less well educated Blacks, the quasi-feudal gentry liberalism of the young Al Gore made some sense.”

Regardless of the science debate, it’s worthy of note just how deep this round of Western idealism has rooted itself our culture these past decades.

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From The WSJ-A Heated Exchange: Al Gore Confronts His Critics

Full post here.

Bjorn Lomberg has been arguing that it’s quite likely global warming is happening, but even so, it does not make economic sense to pursue green policies above the basics:  anti-malarial drugs, food, basic health care, eliminating trade barriers…etc.  Here he is on Fareed Zakaria a while back:

According to the WSJ, Al Gore is still on the lecture circuit, and apparently Lomborg stood up recently at one of Gore’s lectures and challenged him to a debate on these very economic issues.  

So far, Gore has declined.

I would truly hope that Gore would seek to debate his ideas in public with people who can reasonably disagree (Lomborg is an environmentalist).   

Perhaps the good Gore’s done in somewhat normalizing the extreme elements (green true believers, anarchic anti-capitalists) of his party with what remains of his political authority…can be directed toward honest and open debate.

Or perhaps the (S)cience is clear and there’s nothing more should be done except justifying one’s own political and economic beliefs…

I still can’t quite believe he got a Nobel Prize for this.

Addition:  I still reserve the right to my skepticism (global warming may not be happening), but there is a vigorous scientific debate about the effect of all that carbon being absorbed by the oceans.  There are reasonable people on many sides and there are hordes of unreasonable ideologues beneath them.  Al Gore just seems pretty confused.


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