From The Future Of Capitalism: ‘Jamie Dimon’s Annual Letter’

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‘JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is out with his annual shareholder letter, and, as usual, it is an interesting read. The section focused on broad public policy issues, while broadly optimistic, raised these concerns:

Something is holding back the strong recovery of the great American economic engine. It is not lack of access to capital or loans, but it might be a combination of some of the following factors:

• Concerns around excessive regulation and red tape – I travel around the U.S. all the time, and this is a loud and growing complaint that I hear from businesses, small to large, across virtually all industries.

• Whether you were for or against “Obamacare,” when massive changes to such an important part of the American economy are made, it does create uncertainty for many businesses.

• The inability to face our fiscal reality is a concern. I believe that if we had adopted some form of the Simpson-Bowles plan to fix the debt, it would have been extremely beneficial to the economy.

• Entitlement spending – which now is 60% of federal spending and is growing – is crowding out infrastructure spending and spending on initiatives like research and development and training.’

Clive Crook At The Financial Times: ‘Congress Misses The Point Of Reform’

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“Nothing matters to Capitol Hill so much as apportioning responsibilities and the power that goes with them.”

It’s nice to have a little government skepticism, combined with economic insight:

Too many US households and financial institutions got too deeply in debt.”

“…-one surely ought to look hard at the tax policies that actively encourage indebtedness.”

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