North Korea, Strauss & Lucretian Liberalism-Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Red & Green

Claudia Rosett:  ‘Trump, Kim, and the Death Of Otto Warmbier:’

Still completely untrustworthy; diabolical, even:

‘The basic problem is that North Korea’s regime has proved the most enduring totalitarian system of the past century. Kim’s grandfather was installed by Stalin as North Korea’s founding tyrant at the end of World War II, wielding power that has now been entrenched, honed and passed along down three generations.’

How can a regime be so bad with a subway station that good?

Via Darwinian Conservatism: ‘The Straussian Denial Of Evolutionary Lucretian Liberalism

So can the Straussian scholars recognize that in this and other ways the Liberal Enlightenment has succeeded? It’s not clear. Generally, Strauss and his followers insist that liberalism must fail because it denies the natural fact of the contradiction between social order and philosophic truth, so that every social order must be closed to any philosophic or scientific enlightenment. A crucial consequence of this natural fact is the necessity and desirability of esoteric writing: philosophers or scientists seeking the truth about nature must write and speak in such a way as to hide their true teaching from the multitude of people who would be harmed by this teaching.

Update And Repost- From YouTube: Leo Strauss On The Meno-More On The Fact/Value Distinction?’

From the De Blasio files:

You asked for it, New York:

As posted, from the NY Times on the mayor:

‘Bill de Blasio, then 26, went to Nicaragua to help distribute food and medicine in the middle of a war between left and right. But he returned with something else entirely: a vision of the possibilities of an unfettered leftist government.

Dream big, impractial dreams: Red, green and white dreams (helping oppressed brown bodies juxtaposed in space).

Bill de Blasio has plans to part the East River—and expects New Yorkers to follow him 500 feet into the estuary, to a new land that will protect downtown from the sea.

However tumultuous American politics gets, just remember it’s not as peace-affirming as Peace Pavilion West and Peace Plaza East (hanging gardens of community kale).

Here are some recent tweets from our community.

Won’t you join us?:

First, we mobilize Youth Consciousness towards Community Goals:

Next, we verdantly restate Community Goals.

Sometimes there are sacrifices to be made:

But the Ends will justify the Means:

A Brief Peace Pavilion West Update

The Founder Of Peace Pavilion West-The Early Years

A Pre-K Program In Every Pot?-From The New York Observer: ‘Bill de Blasio Confident About Pre-K Agenda After Meeting With Assembly Democrats’

Full piece here.

Let’s hope De Blasio doesn’t go full Maduro quite yet:

‘A centerpiece of his mayoral bid, Mr. de Blasio’s proposal calls for a tax hike on those making more than a half million dollars a year to fund expansive pre-K and after-school programs. Raising income taxes requires the approval of the State Legislature and critics have assailed Mr. de Blasio’s plan as quixotic because the State Senate, partially-controlled by Republicans, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo could torpedo the plan.’

Health-care and education are natural areas in which to secure the People’s future. Given De Blasio’s connections with labor, activists, and folks who look over to the right and see progressives, charter schools have reason to see a rough time ahead in New York City. Perhaps so could any New Yorker paying taxes not affiliated with those coalitions, or at least they ought to check and see how their money’s being spent in a few years.

I suppose we’ll find out how effective de Blasio will be against Cuomo’s upstate pushback.

Walter Russell Mead notes how this could play out for charters:

‘Bill de Blasio’s tenure many not mean the end of charter schools in New York City, but it will make them considerably more difficult to operate. With the cutback in city aid for charter schools, de Blasio appears committed to fighting one of the most promising things happening in city’

And to step back a bit, perhaps education reformer Diane Ravitch is succumbing to the same anti-capitalist, collectivist, 60′s Left zeitgeist, abandoning a more liberal-minded independence?

Sara Mosle At the Atlantic has ‘The Architect Of School Reform Who Turned Against It?:’

‘If the reform movement hopes to retain the public’s trust, insisting that reputable charters expel their for-profit brethren is a sensible place to start. Ravitch also argues convincingly that charters should accept a fairer share of the toughest-to-educate students. For her part, Ravitch might lead her own followers to recognize that the desire to improve teacher quality isn’t tantamount to teacher-bashing.

“If my child were in a school where he was not learning,” Ravitch wrote in the not-too-distant past, “I would not wait for a gathering of social scientists to tell me whether it was okay for me to put him in another school.” A reform movement convulsed by extremism shouldn’t hinder parents, or children, either. If only Ravitch, too, would dedicate her zeal to a less divisive vision.’

Is this an ongoing argument between post-60’s establishment liberalism and progressive street politics in America, with consequences for the rest of us?

Thanks for the funny photo, NY Post.

Addition:  Adjusted headline from a reader: ‘A Pre-K Slot In Every  Pot…’   Boffo!

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