From Dissent Magazine: ‘Blaming Women for the Infantilization of Men’

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A Myriam Miedzian reviews Kay Hymowitz’s new book.  Here’s Miedzian:

While relying on hard to find decent childcare, they [women] have had to accommodate themselves almost entirely to a workplace created for men with traditional wives.’

I’m not sure it logically follows that we must rearrange our society to accomodate women who want to work part time (which should be at the company’s hiring discretion…some people may be worth it), women who take significant time off for child-rearing (probably good for all of us as far as producing good citizens and well-adjusted people…but available to a relative few), and not compete amongst men who are working to take care of their own families:

“In his May 12, 2011 testimony to the U.S Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich stated that “by the 2000s, the typical American worker worked more than 2,200 hours a year—350 hours more than the average European worked.”

According to Miedzian, not only do we need to emulate the more regulated, managed, high-unemployment, culturally homogenous European economies (I presume in part because Europe has been much less violent this past century), but we need Secretaries of Labor like Reich to tell us so.  Plenty of room for disagreement there.   She goes on:

After citing all this, Hymowitz then mistakenly concludes that “blaming the media doesn’t make much sense. Media execs…can’t foist a new cultural type on an unwilling public.” This ignores the human potential for undesirable, anti-social behavior—in this case the male potential for childish, crude, irresponsible, violent, and misogynist behavior. The entertainment media is one of several variables that feed into this behavior.

Well, what about what you may have observed of women’s childish, crude, irresponsible, violent (agreeably less physical, but not always) and misandrist behavior?  Apparently, Miedzian’s definition of equality wouldn’t extend that far.  Human nature on her view is inherently good, but is only corrupted by improper ideals (and only males are primarily violent).   Miedzian is on a mission, which I think leads to this rather unhealthy desire to control the means of communication.

Here’s where I might have some agreement with Miedzian:

‘While Hymowitz does a good job of identifying some of the social and cultural forces that are prolonging pre-adulthood for young men, she certainly does not prove that the rise of women has turned men into boys.’

What is the level of proof required?  I don’t know if Hymowitz has it right, but if Miedzian’s work is any indication, then what Hymowitz is disputing is having replaced religious morality and the promotion of marriage and the two-parent family as a basic unit of society….with…ideals that have left us with a confused jumble of no-fault divorce laws, arguably reduced incentives for marriage (especially for men), gender equity ideologues who stifle debate about basic biology and human nature (the ‘personal is political’ crowd).

Such may be the times.

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