From Reflections Of A Rational Republican: ‘Are Airstrikes Imminent In Iran?’

Full piece here.

Perhaps not imminent, but:

‘While the probability of an imminent attack on Iran is likely low, one might view all of these signals as a prelude to a precision airstrike on Iran’s nuclear weapons program over the next several months.’

It bears watching.  What happens when the limits of the “agressive humanitarian” and A New World Order approach are reached?  Is normal combat a next step? I’ve heard it argued that Obama will have many reasons to initiate some response to the Iranian regime’s posturing in the Strait Of Hormuz.  I’ve also heard it arued that we’re already engaged in war with Iran in all sorts of ways, to prevent engagement.  I remember being unimpressed with McCain’s talk on Iran, and Lieberman’s rhetoric seemed dated at best.

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