Michael Yon At The NY Daily News: ‘Afghanistan Is Making Undeniable Progress, But It Could All Unravel’

Full piece here.

‘The bottom line is that there are unmistakable signs of progress in Afghanistan, and Gen. David Petraeus is about to make a very important recommendation.’

And the sitting President has to be re-electable, and appeal to his base, and a possible pool of voters, which can be one of the biggest determining factors in the decision.

Addition:  Obama says he is aiming for a surge pullout by the end of next summer.  Obama’s speech here.  I can’t really say I agree with Obama’s apparent vision of an American dream fiscally (last lines of the speech), in terms of government involvement, and in a lot of foreign policy, so it seems pretty transparently political to me.

Addition:  And as he mentions, there’s got to be a smarter way to fight terrorism.

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From The CSM: ‘General Petraeus Rethinking Rules Of Engagement’

Full post here.

“What precise changes Petraeus is considering in the rules of engagement here are not yet clear, thought he helped write the US counterinsurgency manual that stresses the importance of civilian casualties that deeply informed McChrystal’s approach while running the war.”

For the sake of the troops…Obama likely understands the security risks, but many in his party will push him in other directions, and he will have to appeal to the base.

Quote by Kissinger from a previous post:

“Nobody has more at stake than the administration in office. But if you look at the debates we had on Vietnam, Iraq, and so forth, ending the war became defined as the withdrawal of forces and as the primary if not the exclusive exit strategy. But in fact the best exit strategy is victory. Another is diplomacy. Another is the war just dying out. But if you identify exit with withdrawal of American forces, you neglect the political objective.”

What are the best arguments for victory…what is victory in Afghanistan?  So many moving parts…

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