Walter Russell Mead At The American Interest: ‘Iran: Keeping The World’s Oddest Couple Together’

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The Iran terror plot on American soil in Corpus Christi has the air of a ‘caper,’ but is still another attempt inside America to spread terror.

Here’s Mead on Iran and Saudi Arabia, and is worth pointing out:

‘Losing Syria would be Iran’s biggest setback since 1979, not only driving it out of the Mediterranean but threatening its influence in Iraq — a Sunni Syria would be a new channel to help Sunni tribes limit Shi’a and Iranian power there as what could be a new civil war ramps up as the Americans step down.’

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Walter Russell Mead At The American Interest Online: ‘Obama’s War’

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Via Breitbart: ‘Five Arrested Over Danish Cartoon Terror Plot’

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‘Jyllands-Posten published a dozen cartoons in 2005 of the Prophet Mohammed that triggered violent and sometimes deadly protests around the world.’


‘The Danish intelligence agency PET said Wednesday it had arrested four men suspected of preparing a massacre at a newspaper which published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.’

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Free speech (used both well and unwell) meets offended Muslims: Mohammad Cartoonist Lars Vilks HeadbuttedDuring Lecture’From The OC Jewish Experience: ‘UC Irvine Muslim Student Union Suspended’From Volokh: ‘”South Park” Creators Warned (Threatened) Over Mohammed’

If you thought the cartoons were bad, more on the Fitna movie here.  Libertarians stand firm on this issue:  Repost-A Canadian Libertarian Making Noise: Ezra Levant

Christopher Hitchens At Slate: Yale SurrendersYale concluded that the risk of violence and the potential consequences that stemmed from their decision to publish a scholarly work about the Mohammed cartoons (reprinting those cartoons) was not worth the risk.

It’s a big assumption to make: From YouTube: Roger Scruton On Religious Freedom, Islam & Atheism

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