John Kerry At Newsweek: ‘Beware The Revisionists’

Full article here.

Kerry has some good advice:

“Now we must choose a smart way forward so no one asks whether we’ve made a mistake in staying. The main lesson that Obama must absorb from Vietnam is the necessity to explain our goals in Afghanistan, and to choose clear and realistic strategies to meet them.”

…so we can avoid:

“Let me be clear: more than 58,000 American troops died because they were sent into battle based on false assumptions, flawed goals, and faulty strategies”

It was all flawed?  Here’s what Henry Kissinger also said at Newsweek as well, though I think he was leaning toward more troop involvement:

“For the immediate future, it is essential to avoid another wrenching domestic division and to conduct the inevitable debate with respect for its complexity and the stark choices confronting our country.”

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From Michael Yon’s Blog: ‘Bad Medicine’

Full article here.

A good article to get a sense of what’s going on in Afghanistan for our combat troops; how the war looks from someone embedded with NATO forces on the ground.

“Michael Yon is a former Green Beret, native of Winter Haven, Fl. who has been reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan since December 2004.  No other reporter has spent as much time with combat troops in these two wars.”

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