From ABC News: ‘Afghans Lob Grenades at US Base, Clash With Police’

Full piece here.

I doubt the public apology from the President will have the intended effect.  Maybe advise and assist was just a cover for withdrawal, a bump on the road to the currently planned way out.  There is a high likelihood of leaving Afghanistan much as we found it:  very poor and tribal, wracked by conflict, and a strategic backyard for other interests.  The Taliban and other militia groups could gain back political control, making it hard to have enough political stability for greater economic opportunity (the Chinese will likely just take what they need, capitalizing on our efforts).  A space for terrorist activity could appear again which neither the Jirgas nor the current Afghan government would have incentive/interest enough to stop, even if they could.

Tom Ricks offers a possibly new strategy, but the underlying logic remains: no sitting U.S. President can allow a place where known terrorists have safe haven to plot and carry out attacks on our soil, without taking some action.

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From Outside The Wire Via Instapundit: ‘Anarchy On the Pakistan Border’

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That’s Anarchy Troop:

‘Magarah’s economic activity is the terrace farming of wheat, raising small herds of livestock and logging of pine trees.  Most of their work goes to producing enough to feed themselves.  A few of the houses had solar panels given out and installed by western development organizations or military Provisional Reconstruction Teams.  There were a few electric lights, but no TVs, satellite dishes or radios.  If the few electric lines and solar panels were removed, one might not be able guess what century he was in.’

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