Welcome to the site!

I’m an independent writer and blogger living in the Seattle area.  If you have questions or suggestions for topics you’d like to see on this site, just email me.

My background

I have an undergraduate English degree from Penn State University, and I have interests in poetry, the arts, foreign policy, philosophy and political philosophy.  I once spoke pretty good Spanish, having taught English in Spain.  I work on the edges of the technology industry and have developed a deep appreciation for numbers, modeling and solving problems.

My general outlook-

I’m looking for a political home, but rarely expect to find one, as I don’t trust parties and politicians all that much.  There’s a fine line between ego-gratification and public service, so I remain a registered independent.

I believe in free markets above regulated ones.  I believe that the private sector should be growing faster than the public sector, and I believe in broad definitions of free speech and personal responsibility to maintain our freedoms (with a few exceptions).  This generally makes me a libertarian, and I generally join their cause in battling collectivism.

That said,  I stop fairly well short of anarchy, and I think there do need to be simple, clear rules and well-crafted laws for the proper functioning of civil society.  Who makes those laws, and according to what moral lights is up for debate.  I think there are very good reasons for the separation of powers.  This generally makes me a classical liberal, and I join their cause in battling the Left.

Lastly, I can find myself favoring tradition and its defense against utopianism, change for the sake of change, the next big thing, the latest statistics, and all the people out there (all of us some of the time) who forget how little we know.

I may be on an arc back to Burkean conservatism.

Let us cultivate our own gardens.

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