From Foreign Affairs: ‘Foreign Affairs Report: Libya In Crisis’

Link here.

Some backstory at Foreign Affairs.  Who will take over?

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Charlie Rose Episode On Libya Featuring Bernhard Henri-Levy, Les Gelb And Others

As much as there is American Leftist political support against colonialism, has Obama just invested us in a human rights based, neo-neo colonialism…or something deeper?: A Few Thoughts On Watching Operations In Libya

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From Newsweek: ‘Singh’s War, No Mercy For The Maoists’

Full article here.

So, how do you prevent growing tribal grievances and anger by the people left out of India’s recent economic growth from becoming support for the violent and revolutionary hard left..?

“This time, India has to get the mix right. For the tribal people, there will soon be opportunities; for the Maoists, there will be no mercy.”

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So, where did Marx get his ideas, anyways?  Peter Singer discusses Hegel and Marx

A Few Thoughts On Isaiah Berlin’s “Two Concepts Of Liberty”

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