National Air and Space Museum!

I’ve been travelling this week and got to visit the Air and Space Museum on the Mall in Washington D.C.

They have a kids section where I spent a few hours playing with all the gadgets.

There are great explanations and demonstrations of the Bernoulli principle, and both Keplers’ and Newtons’ Laws. They also show some of the unique challenges with both atmospheric and space flight, as well as supersonic drag.

Highly recommended, and fun.

We also met a nice, older Danish guy. He had travelled the world as a mechanical engineer (diesel engines on large ships) but said he really enjoyed languages. He spoke English extremely well, Danish, French, German and goes regularly to Guatemala as a part of a Spanish immersion course. He was 70 years old and this was his first trip to America, and with no hint of rudeness suggested that this was because he’d gotten a great deal on tickets…..ah, well.

Washington is definitely worth the trip.


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