From CBS St. Louis: ‘UPDATED: Video of the Joplin Twister’

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A gathering of videos at the link above.  The deadliest tornado in Missouri history, and one of the 10 deadliest single tornadoes in U.S. history.

Via the Christian Post:

Joplin, Mo., officials have updated the death toll from Sunday’s tornado to 142′

A confirmed EF5 moved across southern Joplin on Sunday night May 22nd, 2011, causing heavy damage and loss of life.  Thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors.  The Weather Channel has more.

Doppler Radar here. Helicopter video survey of the tornado’s path.  Joplin crowdmap site (online bulletin board for recovery efforts).  Some video of the tornado’s formation and passing through Joplin, and damage afterwards.

Addition:  The Weather Channel has an update on today’s tornado threat, listing key ingredients to tornadic supercell thunderstorm formation.

Another Addition:  The Daily Mail has before and after satellite images.

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Ron Radosh At Pajamas Media: ‘President Obama’s Speech to AIPAC: An Assessment’

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‘So the question is, as I conclude, whether or not the president means it, whether or not he will backpedal in the other direction, and whether he will seek to mend matters with Prime Minister Netanyahu, rather than push him in directions Israel does not want to go.’

How do you satisfy the pro-peace base, the anti-war Left, and the universalist vision of a two-state solution…while maintaining good ties with Israel and its security?  You probably don’t…

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