Question For Any And All Readers

Do you have a particular idea or type of blog post that you would like to see me post?

I get a few emails each week with good links and suggestions, but I don’t usually have the time to follow-up.  There are some really good ideas out there.  If you don’t respond in the comments, just shoot me an email.

Thanks in advance, and to everyone that’s stopped by.  It’s appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Question For Any And All Readers

  1. Chris: Thanks for the Question. More MARS stuff (when it is available). Would like more ‘current’ articles on the Progressive vs Conservative debate. Track Rubio’s press, let’s see if the GOP minimizes him, Peggy Noonan is always a plus for those who enjoy reading a real ‘writer’, track Hillary’s rise, the “entitlement” society as the new majority, Obama’s reversal on the ‘pipeline’ and the national debt clock.

  2. I like the way you integrate current events and philosophical issues. I also like the breadth of your coverage, from poetry to national defence. Your links always make good reading/watching. I would be interested to see you cover the different economic interpretations of the financial crisis i.e. Austrian, Monetarist, Keynesian, Austro Marxist (Steve Keen), if you have not done so already.

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