A Little Something On A Big Blog-Some Tornado Links

I like the term ‘citizen scientist,’ as it is flatters me. It keeps me pursuing goals. I’ll be that guy at the party who knows a little something. Let’s converse. Let’s look each other in the eyes for a moment.

I’m currently collecting rocks in local Seattle parks for an AI identification project.

We each have wells down which we can gaze. We know this. A smile is enough. The birds suddenly whirl-up and are gone. The conversation moves on. Tis better to have loved and lost, and all that.

Life is strange. Love is all?

You have a joy you keep close to your heart. Keep it there.

This one gets me: A man goes up to his attic to grab some things before a tornado arrives. He points the phone out, standing in place. Terrified? Mesmerized?

The monster approaches.

His life is engulfed, briefly, by Nature’s fury. His life must be engulfed, afterwards, in loss and despair.

With exponentially more computing power comes more input, and enough variables to recreate and predict actual tornadic conditions.

Step back from the terror; the place where death comes. Climb inside a supercell and see what might be going on. Supercells are rare. EF5 supercells are very, very rare.


Storm-chasing attracts daredevils. I’ll bet there must be any number of douchebags on the circuit.

It takes courage. Some humility even. More video data and live, human experience can be collected into useful channels.

Better understanding can help save lives.

Sometimes, you take the wrong path, or make the wrong decision. You may not know it at the time, but you come to know it soon enough. An anti-cyclonic vortex bears down, roaring away at 200 mph.

This is it. Fuck. No. Please. Oh God.

No matter how much knowledge and experience you have, one wrong decision can cost you your life:

Keep looking up: Lightning can lead to the edges of our atmosphere, and into space.

What’s the weather like on Mars? Where’s all the water? Does it have conditions which still harbor life?

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