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Music Break-Christopher Parkening Plays Bach’s ‘Sleepers Awake’

Weekend Music-Three Versions Of Handel’s Sarabande In D Minor

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Repost-Some Music: Beatbox Sax & Bach’s Chaconne In D Minor

A lot of breathing, technique, and multiphonics going on here. That can’t be easy. Smooth funk?


From what I’m told, it’s really tough to get the fingering, and the feel, and the different voices of a Bach piece working together, but Ireland’s John Feeley does a really fine job:

You Never Go Full ‘Adult Contemporary’-Some Links

I’ve wondered why Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells, English guitarist and smart composer, New-Agey prog rock but deep…out there) seemed so popular in Spain.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an appeal to a sense of the deeply tragic going on, well-designed but emotionally intense songs; compositions with some classical influence and historical context, but still functioning as popular/bar songs.

He manages to work with excellent singers too.

Going For Baroque (get it?):

I imagine a bunch of little kids slowly waking-up in a loft, daylight breaking through shutters, the cobwebs of sleep still filling the room.

A simple wonder at the architecture of things:

Ewan Dobson Via Youtube-Winter By The Sea

A Scottish/Irish bar song, via Canada, via a Classical Guitar background, via a video game influence?:

This guy’s got serious technique and finger-independence:

Scott Tennant-Couperin’s ‘The Mysterious Barricades’


He’s a member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

As to the title of Couperin’s piece, the mystery continues, from women’s eyelashes to a train and all that mass, slowly gaining momentum as each constituent car clacks along, picking up speed.

An ‘American Folk’ uptempo version by Christopher Parkening:


Christopher Parkening-Simple Gifts

Quaker Roots…

John Williams: Asturias Leyenda


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