You Never Go Full ‘Adult Contemporary’-Some Links

I’ve wondered why Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells, English guitarist and smart composer, New-Agey prog rock but deep…out there) seemed so popular in Spain.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an appeal to a sense of the deeply tragic going on, well-designed but emotionally intense songs; compositions with some classical influence and historical context, but still functioning as popular/bar songs.

He manages to work with excellent singers too.

Going For Baroque (get it?):

I imagine a bunch of little kids slowly waking-up in a loft, daylight breaking through shutters, the cobwebs of sleep still filling the room.

A simple wonder at the architecture of things:

2 thoughts on “You Never Go Full ‘Adult Contemporary’-Some Links

  1. Blimey Mike Oldfield. Listened to a lot of Tubular Bells when studying for O levels in 75. Didn’t do me a great deal of good. Is he still going?

    • Simon,

      He’s still around! He’s got a homepage with tour dates. He was really big in Spain while I was there. Couldn’t quite figure that one out.

      Obviously, you should have listened to The Kinks

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