More Kant: more space and time

Most people think that math is an accurate reflection of a world out there.  There are spatial distances, after all, between objects, for atoms as well as planets.  It just depends on the measurement. 

Time alters things, too.  Nothing stays the same.  Time moves foward, not backward.  Time has passed as I’ve written this.  Our physical laws and our best knowledge depend on this being true.   

Kant’s response was:  space and time are parts of us.  As you read this, time is marching on for you, and you are sitting there in space.  But it’s a built-in part of you, not neccesarily a part of what lies beyond.  Furthermore, it’s a part of what he calls the sensible intuition.  You essentially aren’t aware of your sensible intuition because it’s a precondition of you having any experience at all.   

So…what’s out there, then? Some timeless, spaceless reality? Something beyond Einstein’s space-time and all the wacky geometry I don’t understand? 

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