The Greensburg Tornado on Doppler Radar

Stu Ostro, from the Weather Channel, posts a year-end review of his most interesting weather images. 

Click here for the Greensburg, Kansas, tornado.

“Dopper [sic] radar generally does not “see” the actual tornado, but in this case it did because the twister that annihilated Greensburg, Kansas was so large in size and its circulation contained so much debris…”

Here is a photo of Greenburg afterwards.  Here’s a page dedicated to Greensburg rebuilding itself.

The awe and mystery of the natural world sometimes pits curiosity against the knowledge that human life is lost.  Maybe it’s better not to be too curious?

Youtube video here.  Video here from the Local News Broadcast KSN during the tornado’s approach.

Addition 03/02/09:  The Wall Street Journal has a video piece highlighting Greensburg’s aim to rebuild itself green.

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