From Watts Up With That: Richard Lindzen On Positive Climate Feedback

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“The earth’s climate (in contrast to the climate in current climate GCMs) is dominated by a strong net negative feedback. Climate sensitivity is on the order of 0.3°C, and such warming as may arise from increasing greenhouse gases will be indistinguishable from the fluctuations in climate that occur naturally from processes internal to the climate system itself.


“Alarming climate predictions depend critically on the fact that models have large positive feedbacks. The crucial question is whether nature actually behaves this way?

Sounds reasonable, though I need some help with this one.

And…the NY Times publishes a piece about Freeman Dyson and his global warming skepticism.

Maybe one thing that I’ve been convinced of in all this global warming talk is the need people have for belief, and that perhaps secular belief is striving to be as potent a political and social force as is religion (though I don’t think they are equivlaent in depth).  It’s interesting to observe how public opinion becomes the ever shifting floor upon which politicians must move.  An examined life?

Addition:  How did we end up putting this much pressure (much of it misapplied) on our political system anyways?

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From Chris Colose: Lindzen On Climate Feedback

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