From YouTube Via Sound Politics: NASA-Mt St Helens: Thirty Years Later

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Mt St. Helens National Monument is still definitely worth a trip.  The crater is active, and the size and scope of the blast is awe inspiring.  57 people lost their lives and many others were affected for years to come.

Here’s what I think is some of the best footage of the towering ash cloud and force of the blast, and what might go through a man’s mind as something like that happens: Dave Crockett from Komo4 news was there.  The Elk herds in the North Fork Toutle River Valley are coming back strong and the recovery of life after the eruption is potentially the most carefully studied in human history.  The Johnston Ridge Observatory is among the best of our National Park System, and they have some volcano cams.

Brief timeline here, as the mountain gave many signs of impending activity.

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