Via Youtube: “Mars Curiosity Rover Update For September 28th, 2012”


Brief update on the potential evidence for liquid water.

Here’s a video from JPL comparing similar features here on Earth:


New photo of the Rover’s first scoop of Martian soil.


Felix Baumgartner’s jump from 23 miles up, livestream here.

Addition: Baumgartner made it!  Highest manned balloon flight.  Highest free fall to Earth from about 127,600 feet or so, or just over 24 miles (perhaps not the longest in duration as he was at 4 min 22 sec and Kittinger was 4 min 36 sec).  He may have been the first to achieve the speed of sound without being in a craft.

Another Addition:  That’s 128,100 feet, 4 min 20 sec freefall, and he did break the sound barrier.  He did not have the longest free fall:  This record still belongs to Kittinger.

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