The Last We Hear Of ‘Mattress Girl’?-A Link Or Two

Cathy Young at the Washington Post: ‘Feminists Want Us To Define These Ugly Sexual Encounters As Rape. Don’t Let Them

‘The quest for perfect consent is profoundly utopian. Like all such quests that ignore human realities, it points the way to dystopian nightmare.’

Many folks driving change are semi-radical, utopian and all about what they think ought to change through moral panic, crises, and shouting opponents down.  You don’t want such folks making rules for everyone.  Facts may not even enter into the picture.

Some details here (pretty graphic and pretty sad).

Cathy Young At The Daily Beast-‘Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her’Cathy Young At Minding The Campus: ‘The Brown Case: Does It Still Look Like Rape?


Tyler Cowen has a quick blurb on China:

‘How long will this excess capacity last?  How much time will the Chinese future need to “catch up” to this infrastructure?  Will that validation come too late?  We all may have opinions (or not), but the visuals themselves do not tell any specific tale.

China has excess infrastructure because of government planning.  The people running the government directed capital (the time and labor of individuals) into new buildings and communities that simply weren’t/aren’t currently needed.  Much of the talk over here about infrastructure is coming from people who possess knowledge that would allow them to engage in similar planning.  China’s government used to be Communist, and is now some strange authoritarian/Communist/freer market hybrid.

I’ll let readers draw their own conclusions.


It’s years old now, but Stoll had a quote that has stuck with me.

‘Indeed, if there is a single fact that sums up the state of American political economy at the present moment, it is this: the Boston office building once home to Inc. Magazine and Fast Company, which chronicled and celebrated small and fast-growing businesses, is now the headquarters of a publication called “Compliance Week.”’

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