Repost-Via Youtube: ‘George Will Discusses Metaphysical Concepts’

7:43 long.  The title is ‘George Will on rationality, principles, and reality.’

The same reader who sent the link wonders if there are some people who pursue the argument of free market economics with a zealous rationalism (not necessarily materialistic, but rationalist)..and if there isn’t there some Empiricist/philosophcial/political tradition relatively free of this metaphysical debate?

I’m not sure.  At the very end, Will states:

“It’s not the question of contradictions being true, but the questions of contradictions being real”

Link to a page on Aristotle’s metaphysics: being qua being.

From a Leo Strauss quote on Edmund Burke earlier posted (Strauss thought Burke too, perhaps, was succumbing to his definition of historicism):

“What ever might have to be said about the propriety of Burke’s usage, it is here sufficient to note that, in judging the political leaders whom he opposed in the two most important actions of his life, he [sic Burke] traced their lack of prudence less to passion than to the intrusion of the spirit of theory into the field of politics.”

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