R.I.P. StormChasers-Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras & Carl Young

NBC video here.

National Geographic had what would be a final interview with Tim Samaras.

Some final tweets.  Weatherspace has more here, with information about the El Reno tornado.

Addition: The El Reno tornado was a record 2 1/2 miles wide.  Video here.  It’s easy to see when a few miles wide tornado spins off multiple vortices, hits in the evening, and is rain-wrapped, that even veteran chasers can underestimate it.    It’s like the supercell is dragging its belly on the ground.


As a blogger and writer and weather-interested layman:

I suspect everyone’s been moved by the beauty of nature, and felt wonder, fear, and awe at its power and mystery. Some people keep going back and try to figure out how it works as well. There’s an element of thrill-seeking to the hunt, and adrenalin, no doubt. It’s extremely risky chasing down tornadoes time and again, putting yourself so dangerously close, but the goal is to know more, and to stay as safe as possible under the circumstances.

There’s been a lot of data gathered and science done that has drastically improved forecasting, preparation and warning time, and our understanding of tornadoes. That’s no doubt saved many lives. Storm-chasers also bear witness to the death and destruction in the wake of tornadoes, so to everyone who’s suffered, my condolences.

It might be helpful to the Samaras family to visit his site as he has a DVD for sale.

Here’s Tim Samaras discussing his work in 2004. R.I.P.


And Tim Samaras at work:


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3 thoughts on “R.I.P. StormChasers-Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras & Carl Young

  1. Of course, I’d also like to know why schools in Tornado alley aren’t all equipped with true shelters. I’m sure these municipalities found money for pensions and other bullshit money drains but didn’t see the necessity to protect kids from killer tornadoes. They rolled the dice and the kids lost.

  2. Jody, you’re probably right about other spending, which is why I remain suspicious of broad definitions of the public good. Eventually the job and benefits are the goal.

    There’s a good case to be made after the May 3rd 1999 breakout that EF4s and 5s will come to town again, and that this area’s got to be ready.

    We should make it now so it doesn’t happen again. It might be next year it might not be for twenty, but there’ll be another one.

    The people of Moore and Oklahoma have got some tough decisions to make.

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