Tornadoes! Some Links

With so many deadly tornadoes in the news lately, I thought I’d post a few links:

Here’s a link to the How Stuff Works tornado page.

The Tornado Project Online. (Affiliated with How Stuff Works, lots of top-ten lists etc…)

-How to make a tornado box for a science fair.

-Is it a vortex of rising, warm and moist air or cool air dropping downward?   Good models here.  A horizontal column of rotating air that gets lifted with the rising air in the formation of a storm?

-The Red Cross Tornado Preparedness Page.

-You’ve got to check out

A swedish guy has a small tornado drop down in front of his car (1:15 or so, cool video)A dust-devil here.  If you have time and are a real weather geek, the formation of a supercell here.

See Also: The Greensburg Tornado on Doppler Radar

by Extreme WX Photographer

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