From Via Media: ‘California Mess Worsens’

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‘California’s budget woes combined with poor economic results have long made it a poster child for poor fiscal management.’

Not as bad as Greece, but bad.  A commenter at Via Media provides a link for Michael Lewis’ article about California politics, public pensions and Schwarzenegger’s time in office.

A map from Immodest Proposals on how to divide California.  Just some suggestions.

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Richard Epstein At The Hoover Institution’s Defining Ideas: ‘California’s Kafkaesque Rent Control Laws’

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The people who promise solutions to poverty and homlessness seem to be engaged in a utopian cost-shifting exercise which favors their interests and overlooks crime, violence and personal responsbility…hardly a way to balance the budget: Repost-Heather MacDonald At The City Journal: ‘The Sidewalks Of San Francisco’

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