Seattle Photo-Postcard City & Ye Olde English Shoppe

In a naturally-induced, mildly Romantic dream-state, I learned Seattle and Tacoma combined comprise the 4th-largest container gateway in North America.

Like a cloud myself, and like a bird below the clouds, I moved through hanging gardens of rain. I landed on a ledge to warm my wings. I shook and cried and became the building, expanding as the sun warmed each stone.

Partly because of death, love and taxes, partly because some people are forever beating themselves, others, and a confession from the English language, I went looking for the most blue-green grove of late summer I could find.

Somewhere where they just say the sounds of words, and words mean things. Things like deep sorrow and joy, car and ship and tooth. Words full of wisdom and words tied to memory and words seeking each moment as it passes, welcoming truth.


I’ll take the West African blue note, and this green, green English. Follow the link to YouTube, alas.

As for 80’s pop, and the New-Romantic synth sound, it’s got an older groove:

Looking for ye Olde English Shoppe:

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